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Mental Health Treatments

There is no one face to mental health. The symptoms are as diverse as those they affect. At Continental Wellness, we work with clients to develop custom treatment programs for their unique needs. Our services range from counseling clients with mild issues, to treating severe psychiatric disorders. With such diverse clients and needs, our team is constantly working to develop individualized treatment programs that give every person we treat the best chance for a full, healthy life.

Our treatments vary with the type of mental disorder but almost always involves psychiatric counseling. Sometimes medications may be prescribed as well. The most common types of mental health disorders that we treat are:


·        Clinical depression

·        Anxiety disorder

·        Bipolar disorder

·        Dementia

·        Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

·        Schizophrenia

·        Obsessive compulsive disorder

·        Autism

·        Post traumatic stress disorder