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Targeted Case Management

Continental Wellness provides Case Management services to our clients with multiple and complex needs. The primary goal of mental health targeted case management is to connect clients with needed services, including medical, social, educational, mental health, housing, insurance, employment, financial, and other services, so they can function as independently as possible in our communities.

Case managers coordinate the provision of quality treatment and support services in the most efficient and helpful way possible, advocate for their clients’ needs, and follow up to ensure service effectiveness. Our focused attention and devoted care for those we serve help to define the quality of case management services we aim to provide each day.

Why Does Targeted Case Management Matter?

Social services providers at all levels are starting to recognize that a one-size-fits-all case management solution is outdated. Instead, by using targeted case management, case managers are starting to think in terms of solutions that are specific to the needs of the individual or group they are serving.

Benefits of Targeted Case Management

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·       Provides case management processes and solutions that are appropriate for the patient

·       Allows for integration of the needs of individuals

·       Enables modifications based on outcomes analysis

·       Creates program flexibility

·       Gives case managers greater creative control over their process